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Bikini waxing

Head to your nearest beauty salon for bikini waxing and laser hair removal and ensure all your unsightly hairs disappear. Instead of contorting yourself into pretzel-like positions when shaving, or cleaning up messy depilatories, bikini waxing and hair removal treatments are readily available at your nearest beauty salon.

The smooth results of bikini waxing or hair removal are worth any fleeting discomfort associated with the treatment, and it has to be worth it to keep your embarrassment or awkwardness at bay.

If this is your first trip to a beauty salon, look for a clean environment, and a professional with whom you feel comfortable. The day before your bikini waxing, exfoliate with a loofah or body scrub, and follow with a moisturizer to soften the hair follicles. To ease any discomfort you may experience, take an aspirin or ibuprofen, one hour prior to your appointment.

During your visit, the professional will help you to assume a position that will allow her to easily access those unmentionable areas. This is usually accomplished by grabbing both legs, bending them towards your chest, and planting a hand under each knee. Baby powder will then be applied to the skin, followed by warm wax. A strip of cloth will be pressed into the wax. After approximately fifteen seconds, the therapist will quickly pull the strip away from the skin, pulling the hair with it. To soothe sore skin after treatment, apply a first aid antibiotic cream to affected areas as necessary.

From just a clean up, to a Brazilian (a thin strip of hair remains), the amount of hair to be removed, is a personal choice. Some adventurous types even go so far as requesting various shapes such as hearts, logos, or exclamation points. Whatever your desire, this body treatment will ensure that you feel well groomed in a bathing suit, thong, or leotard, and according to some males and females, may improve erotic sensations in the bedroom.



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