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Diet quizzes

Quite a different way to learn, diet quizzes and in particular a dieting quiz that targets a specific area of losing weight offers you the chance to find out more about dieting in a way that's a little different and for some - very surprising!

Thefitmap.co.uk has over a hundred quizzes (including 20 dieting quizzes) in total throughout our site and we plan to ensure that we build on that as a way of encouraging you to learn about key issues such as obesity or even weight management. So stick around and check back for the latest diet quizzes over the next few weeks.

Diets & Diet products

Test your knowledge of key diet plans, or just learn more about diet plans in a simpler more fun way.

»  Do emotions affect a healthy diet?
»  Understand low carb & atkins diets?
»  What's your anti aging diet IQ?

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General quizzes

The more generic and general quizzes about diets, slimming, weight loss and other closely related topics.

»  Are you a weight watcher?
»  Do you know the benefits of diet pills?
»  What weight loss program suits your body?

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Healthy eating & foods

Try our quizzes about healthy eating to boost your knowledge of fats, carbs and sugars and eating healthily!

»  Are you a healthy eater?
»  Are you at risk of an eating disorder?
»  Superfoods & the benefits of healthy eating

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Medical conditions for diet

From coeliacs to diabetes or even vegan, try our quizzes to help find out more on special dietary requirements.

»  Could you cut sugar for a low carb diet?
»  Could you do the Atkins diet plan?
»  Is it time for a detox diet?

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Finally a quick and simple way to learn. Check back for new quizzes and tests that can really hepl you to understand more about your body and how you can get a better handle on looking after it!



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