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Fitness quizzes

As a means of learning new tips and advice, our fitness quizzes section should help you to find out more about training and how exercise can help to increase your general fitness. With us adding new fitness quizzes regularly, you should find it's a little more fun that sifting through masses of data.

A fitness quiz can not only help you to understand more about your own fitness levels as how to improve the way in which you train, stretch or use equipment.

Advanced training

These are quizzes that focus on more advanced exercises and additions to fitness plans - browse for great tips.

» Know how to work out your shoulders?
» Are you building flexibility?

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Fitness Assessment

For assessing your progress or simply improving your fitness levels, browse our fitness quizzes for more.

» Do you the causes of back pain?
» How to reduce knee injuries
» How to prevent back pain

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General fitness

For generic quizzes about the stats of your fiotness, from beginner to advanced, try this section first.

» Find out how to increase muscle fitness
» What do you know about exercise bikes?
» Are you a fitness beginner? Tips....
» How to choose a treadmill

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Sports Quizzes

For sports quizzes, we offer football, rugby, hockey and ahtletics topics with great questions and advice.

» Is football coaching your bag?
» Test your sport fitness knowledge

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General fitness
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