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Lifestyle quizzes

To find a good lifestyle quiz that can help you learn more, try thefitmap.co.uk. Our lifestyle quizzes offer you a chance to find out about health, wellbeing, personal and relationship topics. Whether it's your alcohol intake, your stress levels or even work life balance, our Lifestyle quiz section offers a simple and fun way to get more informed.

So for the latest lifestyle quizzes either check out our lifestyle section or try our wellbeing quizzes that you see below. Quick and simple to do, you shoudln't be too long in finding out those good and bad bits of your lifestyle!

General lifestyle quizzes

Quizzes about every day life and general interests that don't fit in with the categories below. Surf and see what you can find of interest.

» A simple quiz about quitting smoking
» Do you know about osteporosis?
» Ever thought about hypnotherapy?
» What can alternative medicine do?

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Life quizzes

Life quizzes include horoscopes, personal relationship type quizzes and anything about general life and personal topics.

» Find out about coping with stress
» Could you use health insurance?
» What is NLP?
» Learn about preventing obesity

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Professional quizzes

Money, jobs, finance. Lots of quizzes to make you think about your money, your work life balance and more.

» Are you wise to investing money?
» Check your personal finances with our quiz
» Are you thinking about a new job?

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Wellbeing quizzes

Looking after yourself, your lifestyle and your body as a holistic challenge! A bit of a catch-all really.

» Do you know if you're pregnant?
» Want to find anti-aging ideas
» Have fun with relationships
» High blood pressure - learn some facts

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General lifestyle
Life & personal
Jobs, money & finance
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