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Health quizzes

With our dedicated health quizzes we want to test your quiz knowledge from medical quizzes through to men's health and women's health quiz topics. Finding out about diabetes, allergies, spotting breast cancer or even prostate problems, is what our health quizzes section is about.

We plan to add to our health quiz section regularly to ensure you have an easy and simple route to finding out about a range of topics that you may know a surprising amount about after all. Keep busy!

General health quizzes

A dedicated section for general health information, from weight to cleanliness, have fun with our quizzes!

» Can laser eye surgery make a difference?
» Do you understand heart rate monitors?
» Effects of competition on stress management

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Medical quizzes

More specific quizzes about identifying diabetes, vitamin deficiency or even DVT - great for personal knowledge.

» Can you spot heart disease symptoms?
» Is cancer something you can beat?

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Men's health quizzes

Targetting men, quizzes include impotence, balding and general topics like skincare or personal hygiene.

» Do you have a healthy prostate?
» Do you know the signs of male impotence?
» Hair loss vs healthy hair quiz
» What are the early signs of prostate cancer?

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Women's health quizzes

A range of topics covered from periods, to hair loss, yeast infections to weight gain. An easy way to find out more.

» Ways to reduce your stretch marks
» Learn more about yoga with your keyboard
» Spotting early signs of breast cancer
» Take the womens health body image challenge

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So enjoy our health quiz section and why not let your friends know about it using our link below to email them. Check back for new quizzes and tests that can really help you to understand more about your body and how you can get a better handle on looking after it!




General health
Medical health
Men's health
Women's health
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