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Why not become an Operations Manager in the fitness Industry? This could be the profession for you if you are already working as a Manager at a fitness centre or similar establishment and are looking for an opportunity for advancement.

Or if you like working in strategic and tactical ways and have leadership potential. By being an Operations Manager in the fitness industry you will be in charge of the strategic management of several different fitness centre branches for the organization you work for.

A challenging and financially lucrative job, the decision to become an Operations Manager in the fitness industry will not only expand your career prospects, it will also allow you to greatly impact the Fitness and Leisure Sector. So what qualifications do you need to become an Operations Manager in the fitness industry?

On a personal level, you will need a variety of skills to be successful at this job. You will need the capacity to motivate and challenge a team of managers at various fitness facilities. You'll need great communication skills, excellent numeracy skills and the ability to coordinate a large budget over several different fitness facilities, strong literacy skills demonstrated by the ability to draft comprehensive reports, and an ability to think outside the box.

In terms of educational qualifications, a university degree or equivalent is usually required, and there are plenty of courses offered at schools across the country in such fields as business, logistics, supply chain management, and accounting. It's often advisable, when aiming for such an elevated management position, to follow up your undergraduate degree with an MBA Qualification.

It is sometimes possible to work your way up through a particular organization, starting at a lower position such as Duty Management and then moving to Centre Management before applying for a position in Operations, and it's undisputable that the practical experience within a given fitness organization will serve you well.

However if you choose this route, it's a good idea to take evening classes in Management in order to get to grips with the less practical aspects of this job, such as how to effectively plan and manage a large budget.

Why not contact some universities and colleges today to familiarize yourself with the courses on offer? The sooner you get qualified, the sooner you'll be able to step up and take the reins of a fitness organization you believe in!

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