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Why not become a fitness centre manager?do you have a long history working within sports and leisure clubs as a personal trainer, administrator or Duty Manager, and want to start thinking bigger?

Do you see things about the set up and running of your local gym that you're confident you could improve on? If you choose to become a fitness centre manager, you will need both an in-depth knowledge of the sports and leisure industry and a firm grasp on the business and interpersonal skills required to co-ordinate a team of personal trainers.

If you aim to become a fitness centre manager, you need to be on the constant look out for ways to improve services, enhance programmes and develop both customer and staff satisfaction. You'll also be working closely with the senior positions for the organization to allocate employee rotas and ensure that memberships of clients are maintained and expanded on. So what does it take to become a fitness centre manager?

As mentioned earlier, at this level of the management hierarchy, practical experience in other roles within a sports and leisure facility is a definite advantage. Many people work their way up in a particular facility, beginning as a personal trainer and moving into duty management positions before making the transition to head for the specific facility.

This is an advantageous route, because most of the sales, financial and planning and coordination work you will be expected to do in your new role will require an intimate knowledge of the products and services offered.

Similarly, coordinating a team of personal trainers is a different task than organizing a group of employees in a more traditional business setting and may require an informed approach. If you're coming in from outside however, or if you're thinking of using the role as a stepping stone to senior managerial positions that are less reliant on practical knowledge, you might want to look into university or college degrees in Management. Some of these degrees are even offered on a night school or correspondence basis, so that you can build on your skills while on the job. Hone your skills today, and you'll increase your chances of a fulfilling career in the future!

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