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Thinking of becoming a Business Development Manager in the Fitness Industry? Does any of this apply to you?:

  • Do you currently work in Management in the Sports and Leisure Sector?
  • Would you like a chance to effect real change to the way the organization you work for performs in the market place?
  • Think you have the capacity to take the reins on the major sales and marketing initiatives of a huge corporation?

If you decide to become a Business Development Manager in the Fitness Industry, you'll be putting yourself in role where your ideas and decisions really matter on a grand scale. If you've got excellent project management skills and a flair for setting and achieving goals the decision to become a Business Development Manager in the Fitness Industry could be the most important career move you ever make. So what does it take to be qualified to become a Business Development Manager in the Fitness Industry?

The most important talent you'll need to succeed in this role is a capacity for tactical and strategic thinking. Because you'll be in charge of orchestrating huge sales and marketing initiatives that will put your company ahead of your competitors, you'll need a real ability to think outside of the box. Strong communication skills are an excellent asset, as you'll need to be adept at writing reports and giving presentations, as well as being able to convey your ideas and marketing strategies to your team and also other executives and shareholders. Numeracy skills and the ability to coordinate a large development budget are a must given that in this position you will be entrusted with huge amounts of money to be used to roll out strategies over chain clubs nationally and sometimes internationally.

So what are the educational prerequisites for this challenging career? A university degree or equivalent a must, and there are plenty of courses offered at schools across the country in such fields as business, logistics, supply chain management, and accounting. Given the senior position this role holds in the corporate hierarchy, you'll usually need to follow up your undergraduate degree with a Masters degree or equivalent. Some suitable qualifications include an MBA, a Masters in Public Administration, a Masters in International Management, or a Masters in Marketing, Finance or Accounting.

Why not check out the syllabus at your local University today? The sooner you have the appropriate qualifications, the sooner you'll be eligible for vacancies at the top of the corporate hierarchy!

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