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Fitness club manager careers

Do you want to become a fitness club manager? This may be you if you're:

  • Looking for a way to combine a love of the leisure industry with your business training
  • Or are already working at an athletic establishment in a management role and looking for a route for advancement.

If you choose to become a fitness club manager, you'll need to combine a love for and knowledge of the sports and leisure industry with the interpersonal skills and managerial capacity to coordinate the diverse staff working in the different departments of the building.

If you aim to become a fitness club manager, you will be responsible for developing and enhancing the products for sale, which in this case are the programs offered by the facility, and working closely with the Operations positions in the greater organization. So what does it take to become a fitness club manager?

Firstly, any level of practical experience in other roles within a sports and leisure facility is a definite advantage, as you'll have a better idea of how these facilities are structured, allowing you to plan and communicate with staff in more informed way. Having said that, at this level in the hierarchy it's expected that you will combine hands-on vocational experience with one of the many degrees available in the field of health and leisure facility management. These are available through most major Universities and colleges as well as many night schools. Other degree courses that will be well received in this field are Sports Science, Sales, Marketing or Financial Management. Not only will these courses supplement your hands on experience with a broader textbook understanding of the way the sports industry works on the commercial market, they'll also put you in a good position for possible advancement, opening doors to more senior positions.

Management roles are very demanding and often stressful, so make sure you arm yourself with adequate education and experience. Thankfully, they are also some of the most satisfying and well paid positions in the industry. Why not find one today?

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