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Do you think you've got what it takes to be a stylist to a major celebrity or personality? Though lots of people dream of it, not everybody has the special combination of creativity, attention to detail and artistic flair for stylist jobs and careers.

With so much competition out there for positions, to be a stylist who's successful, you've got to be well trained, talented, well connected, and be able to offer your clients something that no other image designer can. If you're passionate about this career, you'll need to work hard and make sure you're constantly improving on your skills and experience. So what should you know if you are looking for stylist jobs?

To be a stylist, you've got to be able to work comfortably in the high-octane world of the entertainment business. You could work backstage at fashion shows, prepping models for the catwalk. You could make celebrities look their best for magazine shoots. You could be responsible for designing a specific 'look' for a musician or pop star. You could do hair, makeup and costume design for feature films and television. With so many possibilities, this is a career where the sky is the limit, but you've got to know what you're doing and be able to take the pressure.

You'll need to be trained, so look into post-graduate programs in beauty and fashion. In London, one of the best schools to attend is the London College of Fashion. When considering a school, take a look at whether the school endorses or arranges internships with companies and organizations in the industry. So often in the entertainment industry, 'who you know' is as important as 'what you know', and internships allow you to meet people doing jobs you'd like to be doing, as well as potential future clients. If you're school doesn't provide internship opportunities, contact companies you'd like to work for, and ask about volunteer opportunities. Often you will have to enter the business on the ground floor and work your way up. Look at it as an opportunity to hone your skills!

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