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Nail technician careers

Thinking of becoming a nail technician? Are you artistic and creative? Do you have a special interest in the beauty and fashion industries? Do you pride yourself on your attention to detail? If you've answered yes to any of the above questions, then nail technician jobs may be the career for you!

Given the recent increase in popularity of manicures, pedicures and artificial extensions, there are more employment opportunities than ever before so search for nail technician jobs today! And not only that, but if you decide to become a nail technician, you'll be investing in a career that's extremely flexible in terms of time commitment and location. And it's well paid too! So what does it take to become a nail technician? What qualities, skills, experience and qualifications will stand you need in this job?

There is no minimum qualification for entering into the profession, and many young people between 16 and 24 will start out in a particular salon doing an apprenticeship. To find out more about these, it's advisable to go to www.apprenticeships.org.uk. However, if you're looking for a sustainable career in a reputable salon, or hoping to start your own business, you will need to look into getting proper qualifications. If you are looking to be a junior manicurist, you'll need at least the NVQ/SVQ Level 2, and to be a senior or salon manicurist and pedicurist you'll need the NVQ/SVQ Level 3. Many people study in local or private colleges to qualify, including The Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT) which offers a Level 2 Certificate, and City and Guilds, VTCT and Edexel which offer Levels 2 and 3. For a more extensive list of approved training centres, contact ANT, the manicurists and pedicurists association, or the Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority (HABIA).

Why not start exploring your options today? The sooner you get the qualifications you need, the sooner you'll be able to embark on this exciting and fulfilling career!

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