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Hair loss treatments

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If you are suffering from baldness, then hair loss treatments will probably have come to your attention, or thoughts, at some point recently. Some men never go bald but all men will suffer hair loss and thinning over time.

Whist there are several types of hair loss treatments for causes ranging from stress to illness, the most common type is referred to as male pattern baldness.

Mainly through the scalp, with emphasis on the frontal area, the combination of the male hormone testosterone and a hereditary tendency to lose hair is the reason - the medical term for which is androgenetic alopecia. Despite much research there is little that can be done to slow down or reverse this process that has been proven 100%.

So rather than fight against it with no knowledge, let thefitmap.co.uk provide you with a range of information and advice on help groups and more to ensure you understand what's happening and in some cases, be able to help yourself.




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