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Life coaching

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Life coaching helps people get what they want in their lives. A life coaching practitioner is trained, not to provide the answers, but to ask the right questions to enable the client to find the answers that are best for them.

This technique provides structure, support, motivation and focus for the client, but does not impose their own opinions on the client.

Life coaching is based on the belief that everyone holds all the answers they need within themselves. Your coach will help you extract what is right for you.

How does it work?

Most often, it begins with an initial appointment of one to two hours at the end of which the coach and the client agree what the most beneficial model of work will be. It could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, to suit the client. However, most clients seem to get most benefit from a half hour or hour's session once a week, over a period of at least six weeks. Work with the coach can take place face to face or over the telephone.

What topics can be discussed?

Anything! It may be that you want to look towards a whole new lifestyle and make changes to your exercise regime, diet, career or relationship. A coach can help you make these changes in a way that suits you, and support you with the motivation to succeed.

Or it may be that you have health issues, concerns at work or worries over your children. You and your coach can discover what's important and together focus on the goals that will make a difference.




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