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Body massage can be defined as the systematic and manual manipulation of the body's soft tissue for therapeutic purposes promoting health and well-being. This being said massage is an important way to relax and can also help maintain fitness.

There are many different types available and it is a matter of finding one that suits your specific needs with is all available on thefitmap.co.uk.

Each massage technique aims to improve the way your mind and body in some way. The types and purposes of body massage vary as night does to day. For example, the Alexander Technique involves hands-on assistance in performing common movements and is very popular with actors as it improves the quality of the voice while Chavutti-Thai is a new form of deep tissue body massage that stretches the muscles.

There are also range of therapies that work to free the body's connective tissues and muscles to encourage them to function properly again. Cranial-Sacral Therapy is a manual therapeutic procedure for remedying distortions in the structure and function of the brain and spine and sports and Swedish practices can benefit almost anyone especially people in physically demanding jobs.

Look can also look to the East for a wide range of The Indonesian technique uses a deep oil-based technique, dating back more than 4000 years, and is similar to Ayurvedic. Lomi Lomi is a unique flowing, vibrant and deeply relaxing all body style that originated in Hawaii while Indian head massage is becoming a common practise for relaxation and correction across the UK.




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