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Stages of hair loss

As with many conditions there are some initial stages of hair loss that you can look out for, or recognise (if you know what to look for), and this will help you to identify possible causes or changes that may help to prevent further stages of male hair loss.

The stages of male hair loss can begin early but usually develops in men aged 20 to 30 years of age. With inherited hair loss in men, bald spots are generally found on front and top of the head and follows a typical pattern of loss:

  1. At first the hair will begin to recede at the lateral sides of the forehead, know as a 'receding hair line', or receding brow'.

  2. Then the hair on top of the head begins to thin, which may result in a bald patch developing.

  3. As the male hair loss continues the balding areas meet to form a 'U' shape around the back and side of the head.

  4. The remaining hair may be thinner and not inclined to grow as quickly as it once did.
Hair is crucial to the appearance of men and women, and these symptoms ocan have a significant effect on self esteem and confidence. The psychological implications will vary widely depending on the individual; while some will suffer anxiety over their appearance others will see it simply as nature taking its course.

Keep an eye out for thinning of the scalp hair or clumps of hair being shed and falling out. This often indicates the first signs toward balding, so look to our advice and treatment areas for more information on limiting your loss of hair!




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