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Cold sore treatments

It starts with a tell-tale tingling sensation. Do you know what cold sore treatments to turn to right now before th cracks appear?

You are most likely to get cold sores when you are feeling low and run down - regardless of the time of year. Cold sores treatments and cures vary from one person to another, but for all sufferers, it can help knowing how cold sores start, what they are, and what you can do when you first feel the tingle.

How about a few tips and some basic information about those pesky things :

  • By definition cold sores are painful blisters that usually caused by the herpes simplex virus type one.

    In reality, cold sores cause blisters on the infected site which burst and crust over leaving an embarrassing mark for many. Within two weeks the skin has completely recovered but recurrences are common and strike in the same place every time.

  • There's a lot you can do to prevent break outs. Keep your immune system strong and avoid cold wind, stress, tiredness and other triggers. On first feeling the cold sore calling card, the tingle in the lip applying Acyclovir cream can help prevent or shorten the life of the cold sore.

  • By nature of how the disease spreads kissing and oral sex should be avoided when a cold sore is present. And always wash hands thoroughly after touching the infection.

Unfortunately there's no hard and fast way yet discovered that will prevent cold sores every time, but on the whole, make sure you eat healthily, get lots of sleep and don't worry or stress about anything - and you might be fine!



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