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Hair transplants

As well as a prescription remedy for hair loss, have you thought about hair transplants as a surgical means to replace lost hair?

The most common route for Hair transplants surgery involves a graft of 'non-sensitive' hair follicles and skin from the back of the head to the bald area. The hair transplants retain their characteristics of growth and so transfer these to the areas of baldness so that new hair will then grow as before.

What are grafts?

The hair and skin grafts are tiny plugs of skin that may include single hairs, called micrografts. There are also larger grafts that have up to 30 hairs, these are called minigrafts. Both the micro- or minigrafts are inserted into fine slits in the skin in the bald area, with the finer micrografts at the front and larger minigrafts further back to make a more natural looking hairline. All of this can be done under general aneasthetic.

Who can have hair transplants?

Certain factors determine whether hair transplant grafts are a viable option for individuals, including the hair colour and type, the nature of hair loss and the patient's age.

It is worth considering that the hair loss may continue around the reconstructed areas, and this may look unsightly unless you are prepared to have more surgery at a later time.

This type of surgery is a more permanent solution to a long term problem and, of course, it is a considerable financial investment for many. Like any surgical procedure it involves some risks. Finally there is also a chance that not all the new hair follicles will remain healthy.

So with the right research and a full understanding of what the procedure is all about and appreciating the financial implications you are informing yourself to make the right descision




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