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The 300 Yard Shuttle Performance Evaluation Test


One good assessment for sprint ability is the 300 yard Shuttle Test.

This activity is a good one for anyone who is involved in a lot of high level exercise to perform because it is designed to really measure your anaerobic endurance.

What is the point?

Anaerobic endurance is going to be a measure of how fast you can sprint over a distance while being able to deal with the by products that the body creates.

The 300 yard shuttle test is also a good option for those who are required to do a lot of direction changing in their activity because you will constantly be moving in one direction, then switching to another. This makes it a good way to assess your agility ability as well.

The point of the 300 Yard Shuttle test is to help measure how fast your body can sprint given the chemicals your body creates whilst working hard, and also your agility when up to speed.

What do you need?

  • A measuring tape
  • Marker cones
  • A flat grass surface

How do you do the test?

  • Begin by placing the marker cones 25 yards apart so you know where you are in the sprint distance.
  • As soon as the timer says go, you will run to the first cone, touch it with your foot and then run back to the start.
  • Once at the start you will turn around and do it again, completing a total of six distances.
  • Record the time it takes you to complete this, then rest for five minutes.
  • After that you can perform the assessment one more time and then average the two scores together to get your result.

What results you'll get :

After you perform more training to work your anaerobic capacity, perform this exercise again and see how your times have improved. Note that the quicker you are able to do it the less the times will likely improve, since you will reach a point where decreases are minimal. As long as they are decreasing however, by however much of a time it is, you know you are making good progress.

What is being measured again?

These test measures your body's ability to move very quickly over short periods taking into account the creation of chemicals like adrenaline and lactic acid. It also measures agility.




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