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The beauty of exercise and fitness is that it comes in all different types, for all different needs. The trick to making it work for you is to find something that you enjoy, that is convenient for you, and that yields results. If you can get that balance right, then you'll find that you stick with the exercise and you are on your way to fitness (of some kind!).

Exercise doesn't just mean going to the gym, or going out for a run (although those are both excellent types of workout!). Exercise can also mean going for a brisk walk, joining a yoga class, or playing tennis.

There are different types of exercise to suit busy mums, pregnant and post-natal women, seniors, children, everyone. Performed regularly, a good programme will help you to lose or maintain weight, depending on your need, stay flexible, look better, and have more energy.

When you work out it does several things to your body. Firstly, it uses your muscles and connective tissues - ligaments, tendons, etc. All of these systems need regular use to keep them in optimum condition. It also works your cardiovascular system (heart and lungs), which is positively implicated in helping to prevent a whole range of illnesses. It also puts appropriate stress on your skeleton, helping to prevent osteoporosis.

So what are you waiting for? Look around our site to get an idea of all the options available, and then get moving. If you're not sure where to start, talk to a personal trainer, and if you have health concerns, talk to your doctor first. But whatever shape you are in, the right workouts will help you to feel better.




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