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Finding a physiotherapist

Injury can strike at any time, and when it does, finding a physio can make the difference between a partial and a full recovery.

By finding a physio you will ensure that you are getting professional diagnosis and treatment that will lead to a full recovery. Simply leaving an injury to recover by itself risks being left with deficits in strength and flexibility - these can in turn lead to further injuries.

There are various ways of finding a physio. One route many people follow is to go first to their hospital or GP - which you do will depend on the severity of your initial injury.

For more severe and acute injuries it will be necessary to go to your local hospital, in order to get a complete diagnosis. It's often necessary to have X-rays, a CT scan or even an MRI in order to see clearly what is happening internally.

For more chronic injuries, or those with a gradual onset, talking first to your GP might be the preferred route - he will be able to make the appropriate referral.

These days, however, many people prefer to skip this initial process and simply go straight to an expert. You can track them down in your local phone book, or via the internet.

Before you book an appointment, you will want to check they have the appropriate qualifications, and hopefully experience of treating your type of injury.




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