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Treating weak nails

Are you interested in treating weak nails, but seemingly are getting no where? Do you find that your nails seem to split, peel or crack before you can get any length, looks like treating weak nails could be your next step.

If your nails are a constant problem, you're probably looking for ways and procedures for treating weak nails that are quick and simple. It doesn't have to be a hassle as mostly it's a matter of making sure you're getting the right nutrients through your diet.

But how do you know what changes in your diet will help in treating weak nails? And in the meantime, are there any topical remedies used in treating weak nails?

For the most part, treating weak nails is as simple as heading down to your local chemist. Your chemist will stock vitamin and mineral supplement tablets specially engineered to contain all the nutrients you'll need for strong, healthy growth. A great brand is Perfectil. But if you're not enthused at the idea of taking supplements, make sure you eat lots of foods that are rich in vitamin E, such as meats, vegetable oils, margarines, nuts and legumes. And the most important food item to include in your diet is gelatin! You can get lots of gelatin through eating Jello, jelly and jams, and some yogurts.

If you're looking for a topical remedy to give surface strength until the dietary changes kick in, there are several good topical strengtheners on the market. Barielle and OPI Nail Envy are both good, and should be available in most chemists. Mavala Scientifique is applied just to the nail tips, to prevent splittage.

These products, used in conjuction with a diet rich in vitamin E and gelatin, should work wonders!



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