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Stop nail biting

If you are one of the millions that can't stop nail biting, then read on to break the habit. Different solutions work for different people, so if one doesn't work, try the next!The nail biting habit is generally in two forms; the obsessive form where you have an overwhelming urge to chew away at your fingertips, and when you aren't, you think about it constantly; and the compulsive form, where you do it in a totally unconscious way.

In order to stop nail biting as a habit, you're dealing with something that's deeply ingrained in your psyche, making it difficult to stop biting your nails. Luckily, there are lots of products and services on the market specifically geared to help you break the habit and stop biting your nails.

There are lots of topical ointments on the market, which can help you to stop biting your nails. They work by making your nails taste bad, so you'll be less interested in chewing them. For many people, this is just the gentle nudge they need to get them to quit. However, for those of you who need a stronger deterrent, there are other, more powerful solutions available.

Some people swear by hypnotherapy, self-help books and motivational tapes, but the validity of these methods is questionable, and they are generally expensive and unsupported by hard evidence.

By far the easiest solution is simply to get yourself a set of acrylic nails! Acrylic nails look nice, and cover up the ragged edges of your natural nails while they grow in. They also help you to get used to having nails at all. And the kicker is, you can't nibble through them! If you wear them for a few months, chances are, by the time your own have grown in, you'll have beaten the habit.

Why not head down to your local salon and try it out for yourself!



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