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Curious about cranial osteopathy? If you suffer from chronic headaches, anxiety or stress, or have a history of head trauma or postural problems, this holistic therapy may be able to provide relief.

Cranio osteopathy is a special type of holistic or alternative therapy that combines the skills of chiropractors and osteopaths to help treat and alleviate pain.

Cranio osteopathy, also known as Craniopathy, works on the theory that small fault lines or cracks in your skull that have been there from birth allow the skull to expand and contract in a kind of 'respiration' that mirrors our breathing patterns. Cranio osteopathy asserts that if these skull faults become blocked or calcified due to head trauma or prolonged stress or anxiety, the skull respiration can't occur properly, leading to other problems throughout the body. Craniopaths also believe that there is a direct link between the sacrum, which is a bone in the pelvis located at the base of the spine, and the skull - and that any stiffness or impediment from the sacrum to the skull can have a huge impact on the general wellbeing of the body.

Craniopaths consequently perform a kind of therapy where the patient lies on the stomach, fully clothed, while the practitioner first stabilizes the plates of the skull and then corrects any blockages to allow for proper skull respiration. The practitioner also manipulates and rotates the bones of the spine and pelvis, including the sacrum to realign bones and release tensions.

To date, there have been no ill effects recorded from this kind of treatment. Some patients have recounted temporary feelings of euphoria, which is believed to be associated with the release of endorphins, while others have reported short lived feelings of depression. On the whole, however, most patients have simply felt a sense of tension release, and often a lessening of chronic pains.

If you are considering this alternative therapy as a solution to tension, stress or chronic pain, it's important to consult your doctor first.



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