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Spending around £5b every year on cosmetics, 93% of British women using them in some shape or form, making us one of the highest cosmetics users in Europe!

Even with cosmetics brands like Avon, MAC or Clarins, it's all too easy to get into a rut with how we apply make up products. Invariably we end up using the same old methods and applications and we can overlook the make-up mistakes we slide into as a result.


Questions about cosmetics and brands? Stop wondering and start looking online for more information!

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Skin types

Do you know your skin type? In order to have the cosmetics to suit you, you'll need to find out more.

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Tips & tricks

Explore top tricks and tips about cosmetics and the brands that you love.

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Thefitmap.co.uk is here to provide you with a bulging cosmetics and make-up bag full of new possibilities, exciting new colours and the best brands. With our beauty showcases we also hope to bring you the latest products.

We have a great selection of experts on hand to offer up their tricks of the trade to bring you the hottest tips and the best ways to use cosmetics for your skin type, your lifestyle and your beauty routine.

We'll show you 'What's hot' throughout the seasons and fashion changes, answer your questions about the basics and get you up to date on essential items. For example, find out about the best basis for your face, what kind of foundation? What's the best colour, the best type - should you use a liquid version or a compact powder and foundation in one?

What are the pros, the cons? We'll answer questions about the tricks of the trade and where to get what you need to make them happen. We have sections dedicated to your skin type and colour - if you're fair, if you're freckled, if you have dark skin, whatever your query, we'll have the answer.

If you want to change the habits of a lifetime, or simply find some sparkle for a special occasion, we'll have the advice you need.



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