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Sugaring hair removal

Have you thought about sugaring hair removal instead of the rather more usual waxing treatments? Sugaring is an age old practice that first came into being in Persia and has been around for 1000's of years.

The practice of sugaring hair removal is very similar to waxing, but it has several key differences that may help you make the decision of whether it's for you.

Firstly, this practice uses a sugar solution often made of sugar, water and lemon juice, instead of the standard wax. There are two different procedures for applying the solution.

The first procedure is very similar to waxing in that the solution is applied with a spatula or wooden applicator stick, and then pieces of muslin or linen are applied to the area with the solution and then removed quickly, pulling the hairs out by the roots. The second procedure involves making a large, sticky ball out of the solution and rolling the ball quickly over the area in the direction of hair growth, thus removing hairs.

People who prefer this procedure to waxing feel that it has several key advantages. They are as follows:

  • The procedure tends to hurt less as the solution isn't as hot, and only sticks to the hairs, and not the skin
  • Since the hairs are removed in the direction of growth rather than against it, there is more chance of getting the hair by its root, and less chance of breakage
  • The ball method is more hygienic than traditional waxing because the solution is not shared between people
  • When it comes to the clean up, it's easier because the excess solution simply washes away with warm water

If you're interested in trying the procedure, why not make an appointment at your local beauty salons?



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