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False nails & removing

Do you wear false nails? Ever wondered how you should be removing false nails without taking off the real thing?

You've visited the nail salon and got some great false nails, but you've worn them for a while and now they're starting to look a bit too 'lived in'. That sound familiar? There are a few options for you to remove false nails, especially if you have just found the extensions are actually beginning to get in your way or you've broken one and now they're uneven.

So for those false nails that look a little stubborn, what procedure do you use when removing false nails? Can you do it yourself, or should you seek professional help? And should it be painful?

If you're thinking of removing false nails, the wisest course of action is to head down to the salon where you had them applied, and have the manicurist there take care of the somewhat tricky procedure for removing false nails safely. Your manicurist is used to dealing with the delicacies of nails and, more importantly, the nail bed, which is the living part of your nail. He or she will know how to treat your nails with care, so that the procedure is safe and painless. If you try to do it yourself, and in advertently cause damage to the nail or the bed, you may find yourself with a problem that will take months to grow out.

If you're really keen on trying to do the procedure yourself, the best advice is to soak your hands in a solution of acetone-free nail lacquer remover, which will break down the adhesive holding them on. This will make it much easier to gently peel them away from the surface of your nail without risking pulling the nail away from the bed. Remember, the procedure should never be painful!

Remember, if you are at all unsure, just head down to the salon. Better to be safe than sorry, and the process of taking them off is fairly inexpensive anyway. Best of all, you can get a new manicure while you're there!



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