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Acne treatment

There are many different types of acne treatments and each will work in different ways for different people and also for different cases.

From laser acne treatments to various over-the-counter lotions and astringents that work by reducing oil and killing bacteria on the skin's surface, you have a wide range from which to choose.

Most popular name brands will be effective as acne treatments for teenage or transient cases. In fact in some cases doctors have also begun prescribing a very mild form of birth control as an acne treatment.

Contraceptive pills change the hormonal makeup of a person, usually lowering androgens, which are hormones that have the most effect on the condition. Though completely safe for use, some people, particularly young teens, are hesitant to use this Acne treatment. This often has to do with the social stigma attached to taking birth control at a young age. Nonetheless, it is effective.

For difficult cases, antibiotics are sometimes prescribed. Unfortunately, strong antibiotics can have a number of negative side-effects such as yeast infections, headaches, nausea, and vomiting. In the most severe cases of cystic infections, a product called Accutane is sometimes prescribed. This product is made from isotetinoin, a derivative of vitamin A. While this can be effective, it also has dangerous side effects including a high risk of birth defects.

If you suffer from a severe form of this condition, consult your doctor or dermatologist.



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