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In today's fashion conscious world, using nail specialists to help with your nail treatments is de rigeur. Hand problems should be the least of your worries and there are plenty of different ways to enhance the beauty of your hands using a range of nail specialists treatments.

Nail salons offer a variety of different treatments with their nail specialists to cover problems ranging from splitting through to fungus or dry cuticles. These nail treatments aren't terribly expensive or time consuming, and so you can decide to have a treatment done for a special occasions such as a wedding, or you can use your nails as a fashion accessory and have a different treatment done every week Some of the problems also treated include manicures, pedicures, acrylic partials and false nails. Below we've outlined very briefly what's what prior to our providing more detail over the coming months.

The Manicure is the most common kind of procedure salons offer. Manicures usually consist of having your hands soaked in warm water, the nails cleaned and cut, and the cuticles pushed back, and finally a coat of varnish being applied. There are thousands of different shades of varnish to choose from, and you can even get airbrushed designs.

You can also ask for the classic French Manicure. The French Manicure is elegant looking and great for special occasions or regular wear as it goes with most colours and outfits. The French Manicure procedure is much the same as a regular manicure, except that your nails are filed to form rounded square shapes and the a pale pink varnish is applied and finished up with a stroke of white varnish across the top. The effect of the French Manicure is to mimic the look of your natural nails while evening them out in length artificially.

Pedicures are also popular, and the procedure consists of having your feet soaked and loofahed, then the nails cleaned and cut, and the cuticles pushed back. Finally, a shade of varnish is applied. Great for having pretty, beach-ready feet!

If you want long, lovely nails and can't wait for your own to grow, why not visit the salon for a set of acrylic or porcelain partials or falsies? These extensions look authentic, and can be painted and treated like normal ones - they are simply glued onto your actual nail and they last until your nail begins to grow, leaving a telltale gap between the cuticle and the extension.

With so many options at your disposal, why not visit you local salon today!



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