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Nail varnish that lasts

If you like your nail varnish or products to mimic the ruby reds or iridescent pearls that are the 'in thing' on the runways from season to season, or even if you just want to have well-turned out nails for a special occasion, you might have a vested interest in finding nail varnish or products that actually lasts the course.

While this might sound like an elusive quest, there are certain tricks and secrets that will help you stave off those chips and peels a little longer than usual. So how can you get nail varnish that lasts? What tricks can you employ? And are there any brands that can help?

The first thing to know is that how long a nail care treatments will stay on has a lot to do with your body's chemistry. So nail varnish that lasts for your friend, unfortunately may not last for you. This means that a lot of finding a nail varnish that lasts has to do with trial and error. However, there are certain things you can do to optimise your chances. One thing is to make sure that you're getting the right nutrients for creating a strong and durable surface for the product to attach to. This means eating foods rich in Vitamin E, such as vegetable oil, margarine, meat, nuts and legumes. Another important thing to include in your diet is gelatine. If you head down to your local chemist, you'll also be able to find a whole host of supplements, such as Perfectil, that can help.

Two topical products you can apply to increase staying power are OPI Nail Envy, which also strengthens, and Jessica Nail varnish, which has two hardening agents not found in many other products. A coat or two of these should ward off chips and peeling.

It's important to remember though, that you should remove products from your hands at least once a week to allow your hands to breathe!



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