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Hair Care

Becoming more aware of hair care products, hair styles and hair care treatments, we actually need to understand the forces that make hair look listless, dull and unhealthy.

Hair care is about looking out for everything from sun damage to chlorine, pollution to an unhealthy diet, in fact any number of hazards can conspire to damage your locks.


Do you have a question about your hair care and the products that you need to care for it? Start here for more info.

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Tips & tricks

Find out a range of online tips & tricks to get the hair advice that you need.

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Hair treatments

Looking for hair treatments for your hair type? Look through the hair care section to get the low down.

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Using a blow dryer, curling iron, hot rollers or hair straighteners every day will, and does, take it's toll - hence our section on a hair treatments. From colouring and perming through to extended period in the sun, your hair can be stripped of of its essential moisture and nutrients.

Good hair care that takes your lifestyle into account is essential to dealing with the problems that modern living can impose on your hair. Fortunately, whether it's long or short, straight or curly, thick or baby-fine, we have the answers in our hair care section to help you deal with whatever type you have, and whatever lifestyle you lead.

We show you the hairstyles that are right for your face shape and offer a range of possibilities whether you've got a heart shaped face or an oval one. We know the treatments to make a difference to oily, fine or thick hair and to deal with problems like flyaway static hair, grease, dandruff and unmanageable or brittle strands. We have 'Tips and Tricks' that will advise you how to get the cut you've always wanted, what to ask for in a salon to make sure you'll leave feeling gorgeous, and special offers on a wide range of products designed to deal with your problems quickly and thoroughly. We know you want shiny, manageable beautiful hair, we know you want the most up to date cuts, the best colours and treatments.



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