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Promax Diet

A revolutionary approach to weight management and fat loss, Promax Diet from Maximuscle really could make weight loss and dieting more effective and easier than before.

Using this unique, scientific approach to weight loss and dieting Promax Diet is one of the company's core weight management products. Fortunately, the product doesn't come with a hard sell - it simply offers an easy way to lose weight healthily; simply replace your normal breakfast and/or lunch with Promax Diet, and combine it with a sensible eating and exercise plan.

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Promax Diet

Almost a perfect diet food, each serving provides 228 calories, 38g whey protein, 10g of low GI carbohydrates and fibre to blunt cravings

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Promax Diet is designed as the perfect diet food, with each serving providing 228 calories, 38g whey protein, 10g of low GI carbohydrates and fibre to blunt cravings! Importantly and uniquely - Maximuscle have thought about all-round health as well as fast fat loss.

The protein in Promax Diet helps to maintain the muscle tone often lost when dieting, while the formula also contains essential fatty acids and a combination of metabolic support nutrients; 1700mg of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), green tea and caffeine. You can even phone Maximuscle's support team for more advice if needed.

Added Value

Available with 20% off when you Mix and Match on any 3 products!

With the product available as a shake or bar, Promax Diet really does offer a new concept in healthy, sustained weight loss.




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