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Fat loss products

Maximuscle's science supported fat loss products have a reputation for helping thousands of men and women in the UK, safely lose excess body fat - whether it's for health reasons, sports performance, or to simply to look and feel fantastic.

Fat loss products are available directly from their site, however they also supply some plain English information for both men and women. Whether you want a six-pack or just a firm tummy they can help. In particular, women have a dedicated section for more female focussed fat loss advice, including tasty recipes and features such as the 8-week Little Black Dress Plan. There's also free fat loss training plans, calorie calculators and meal plans.

Services and Products


Probably the strongest type of CLA available, Tonalin CLA is the only form proven to help in the fight to lose body fat

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Promax Diet

Almost a perfect diet food, each serving provides 228 calories, 38g whey protein, 10g of low GI carbohydrates and fibre to blunt cravings

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Containing a safe but high-potency blend of natural nutrients Thermobol helps to increase your calorie burn

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Maximuscle's core fat loss products are Promax Diet, Thermobol and CLA-1000. The products are specifically designed to help you lose body fat, when used alone - however it's suggested that you will get faster, more noticeable results by 'stacking' them together.

Promax Diet is a high-protein meal replacement with metabolic support nutrients, Thermobol helps increase calorie burning, while CLA is a rare fatty acid that is proven to help control body fat levels. The product guides and fat loss information makes using the supplements very straight forward - but you can contact Maximuscle's fully-trained customer service team if you need advice.

Added Value

Maximuscle's fat loss products are termed 'Green Label' and you can get 20% off when you Mix and Match on any 3 products! Essentially - if you're serious about losing fat in 2009, then you'll find Maximuscle's Fat Loss range and information extremely useful fitness tools.




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