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Protein products

Did you know that protein products are available from Maximuscle to supplement your natural intake. Protein is a vital nutrient for your body and it's needed every day.

Protein helps your muscles to recover after a workout and repair following that exercise. There's a range of food that are high in protein including whey, fish, chicken, eggs, milk, cheese and yoghurt, beef and for veggies, Soya.

Services and Products


Containing Biomax whey which includes digestive enzymes, whey protein isolate, hydrolysed whey and whey peptides to provide a very fast delivery of muscle building amino acids.

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There are a range of options for training your body and all will increase your protein requirements. If you don't have enough protein in your body, you may actually see a loss of muscle tissue and tone, suffer from a weaker immune system and you will almost certainly see a slower recovery and notice a lack of energy when working out.

If your goal is to put on muscle and increase strength or even reduce bodyfat, whilst maintaining definition and tone, extra protein from high quality sources is a must.

Added Value

Maximuscle's protein supplements are available with with 20% off when you Mix and Match on any 3 products!

With the product available as a shake or as bars, you can ensure you choose the most convenient option for you and your lifestyle.




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