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Supplement products

Do you know the different supplement products out there? Supplements come in many different forms and knowing the difference between them is important when choosing the right one for you. You may have searched the internet or visited a store and seen that they come in many different forms from powders, to bars and pills. Which one you decide to use is often based on what you are trying to achieve and personal preference.

The aim of a supplement is to do just that??.supplement your daily diet??.therefore they are designed to be easily consumed to fit in with your busy schedule. There would be no point in having a supplement that took a long time to prepare as the reason most people skip a meal is due to a lack of time. Supplements can provide you with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals when you are on the go. Some of the most popular supplement products are explained below;


A large proportion of supplement products come in the form of a powder. Many of the food supplements such as meal replacements, muscle builders and energy products are found in powder form in tubs. Meal replacements consist of a mixture of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, essential for a healthy diet. The muscle building products contain high amounts of either protein or creatine, which are both important for muscle growth and energy products usually contain a high proportion of carbohydrates with vitamins, minerals and caffeine. These powders are usually mixed with water or milk to produce an easily consumable 'supplement shake'.


Many of the traditional supplement powders now come in the form of a bar which makes them extremely handy for people on the go. You can get protein, meal replacement, weight loss and energy bars which are an easy way of eating healthily and getting the essential nutrients that your body needs. Many people prefer bars as they require no mixing and make a great snack between meals. You will also be amazed at how good they taste.


Supplements in pill form are often quite different to those found in powders or bars simply because you cannot get large amounts of a food supplement such as protein or carbohydrate into a small pill. Many weight loss products such as fat burners, fat blockers and appetite suppressants are found in pill form. Body building and health supplements such as creatine, amino acids, growth hormones and multi-vitamins are also produced in pill form making them a simple and effective form of supplementation.




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