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Muscle building products

As the name implies, if you need help building lean muscle mass naturally - then the Maximuscle muscle building products like Cyclone are the way forward! The company's Muscle Building range is designed to aid muscle growth in regular gym users, body builders and athletes - and has fuelled the muscle development of famous Rugby Stars such as Gavin Henson.

Maximuscle has a quite a few muscle building products to choose from - but Cyclone and Promax/Progain are the core products if you're looking for fast, lean muscle growth and maximum impact.

Services and Products


Includes proven levels of glutamine, Maxpure creatine, HMB, Beta-Ecdysterone, Biomax whey protein and dextrose as an all in one formula to feed your muscles.

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As noted above, Maximuscle recommend the use of Cyclone and Promax (Progain if you have a fast metabolism) as core muscle building supplements, in addition to training hard and eating well. Cyclone is designed as an all-in-one growth support formula that is ideal after the gym, while Promax helps ensure your body gets enough high quality protein for muscle repair and development.

Added Value

All Maximuscles muscle building products are available with 20% off when you Mix and Match on any 3 products!. If muscle growth is your primary fitness goal - then Maximuscle deliver the high potency support and information you need.




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