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Muscle energy & endurance products

Have you considered using muscle energy or muscle endurance products as supplements? Whether you run miles on the treadmill, lift weights intensely or play any level of competitive sport - you need energy, endurance and hydration to perform hard!

Fortunately, over the past decade, sports nutrition company, Maximuscle - have become one of the world's leading specialists in research supported energy drinks and supplements, fuelling everyone from gym users to charity runners, the Armed Forces and the British Lions! Maximuscle.com can prodice a range of advice, and it's applicable to just about every athlete and gym user.

Services and Products


Contains unique ratio of carbohydrate and whey protein to help replenish muscle glycogen levels after exercise

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As well as carbs and electrolytes you get Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) helping to off-set mental fatigue, prevent muscle breakdown and enhance recovery

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According to Maximuscle, the use of Viper before and during exercise, and Recovermax after performing can help to maintain peak performance and exercise intensity, in addition to aiding recovery and reducing muscle soreness. The key to using Viper is to make sure you dilute the powder to the right concentration - there are instructions on the site, but Maximuscle's trained support team can also answer any product queries.

Added Value

Maximuscle's energy and recovery formulas contain gold labels, and are available with 20% off when you Mix and Match on any 3 products!. If you workout hard or play sport - Maximuscle could deliver the edge you need to perform.




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