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Power & Speed nutrition

Hundreds of elite athletes rely on Maximuscle's range of Power and Strength products. Fortunately, the products are also ideal for helping to transform the speed and explosive power of regular fitness enthusiasts and gym users - as long as you have the motivation too!

With several high quality Speed and Power products directly from their site, including Creatamax Extreme, Cyclone and the whole Creatamax product line, Creatamax Extreme makes a particularly good choice, because you can change the dosage to meet you personal speed and power goals.

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The most powerful creatine formula containing creatine, dextrose glutamine and the unique Fenugreek extract for enhanced creatine uptake.

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As mentioned above, Creatamax Extreme is one of Maximuscle's core speed and power products. The product is specifically designed to increase your strength, speed and power, in conjunction with intense exercise.

The key advantage of Maximuscle speed and power products is that you can use them to meet your specific goals; Creatamax Extreme offers the option of taking a different serving size to help you add muscle size and power, or just speed, power and endurance without adding size (ideal for men and women whatever your sport). The product guides and info makes using the supplements easy - but you can contact Maximuscle's fully-trained customer service team if you need advice.

Added Value

Maximuscle's speed and power products are available with a mix and match discount - meaning if you buy 3 or more products, you'll save 20% of the total price.

So, if you want to add some serious power to your body this year - you know where to go.




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