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CLA 1000 from Maximuscle

Considered a major find for fat loss, Maximuscle CLA 1000 is the most potent CLA available. With several high profile research studies reporting the nutrient's benefits for dieters and fitness enthusiasts.

When it comes to fat loss and weight reduction information Maximuscle.com now features a wealth of information about the fatty acid CLA (due to a large amount of scientific evidence that the nutrient has a positive effect on body composition) - including Maximuscle's high potency CLA-1000.

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Maximuscle's CLA-1000 contains 840mg of pure Tonalin? Conjugated Linoleic Acid, along with 170mg of Capric acid and Lauric acid, making it the strongest CLA supplement of its type available. The Tonalin CLA content is an important feature of CLA-1000, since this is the only form of CLA proven to help people reduce body fat levels. Many CLA products do not contain Tonalin, or contain low levels.

Maximuscle CLA 1000

Probably the strongest type of CLA available, Tonalin CLA is the only form proven to help in the fight to lose body fat

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Added Value

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CLA-1000 can be used alone to support the fat loss effects of regular exercise and healthy eating - however it can also be stacked with Maximuscle's other 'Green Label' weight loss products, for better results.




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