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Viper from Maxiumuscle

Have you tried Viper from Maximuscle? Energy drinks are the oldest form of mainstream sports nutrition - regulars in the bags of thousands of gym users and sport players, not to mention professional athletes. However, Maximuscle's Viper drink is formulated with cutting-edge science - to go beyond regular energy drinks.

For decades - scientific research has supported the use of carbohydrate and electrolyte drinks to aid hydration and maintain high intensity exercise performance - in the gym and on the field.

However, as a company who base their products on real science, Maximuscle always look to give their products an extra edge - which is why Viper is considered to out perform standard energy drinks.

The Maximuscle website also offers significant free advice for boosting your energy through good nutrition, including how to change the concentration of Viper for best results before, during and after exercise.

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Maximuscle Viper

Carbohydrates, electrolytes and Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) help to off-set mental fatigue, prevent muscle breakdown and enhance your recovery

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Viper is a blend of carbohydrates, Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and electrolytes - and it's based on science to offer the most advanced energy drink available. The BCAA content of Viper makes it unique - because these proteins help to off-set mental fatigue, prevent muscle breakdown and enhance recovery after intense training - compared to carbohydrates and electrolytes alone.

Added Value

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In summary, this is an advanced energy drink that could be beneficial to anyone who trains hard in the gym, plays sport or exercises intensely - helping you attain new levels of performance and fitness.




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