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Recovermax from Maximuscle

You need to aid your recovery, which is where Recovermax from Maximuscle comes into it's own. Consuming the correct nutrition during the 'post-workout window' is proven to be critical to exercise recovery - whether you've been to the gym, lifting weights, running or playing sport.

Although whole foods can be used during this period, research favours the use of a more scientific approach - as delivered by Maximuscle's Recovermax. Post workout nutrition is a key area often forgotten and it's something that's universally applicable to everyone who exercises intensely on a regular basis.

Post training, the nutritional needs of all athletes are fundamentally very similar; replenish lost muscle fuel by delivering fast acting proteins, carbohydrates and other vital nutrients to enable the body to respond to training (muscle growth, strength, fitness.....).

Recovermax from Maximuscle is specifically designed to offer the perfect post-workout recovery food. Maximuscle also provide instruction about how to dilute the powder depending on your goals.

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Maximuscle Recovermax

Contains unique ratio of carbohydrate and whey protein to help replenish muscle glycogen levels after exercise

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Recovermax contains a unique scientific ratio of carbohydrate and whey protein to help replenish muscle glycogen levels after exercise, and support muscle growth goals.

However, the unique research based formula also contains nutrients such as glutamine to support immunity, L-cartinine to aid muscle fatigue, plus nutrients designed to boost muscle power and workout capacity, including creatine and ribose. Essentially, it's the perfect food that will help you get the most from tough training and recover as fast as possible

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In summary - it's ideal for all intense exercisers - including gym users, runners, cyclists, rugby players, triathletes, weight trainers, boxers, footballers, swimmers and more. Since the correct post-workout nutrition is critical to recovery - it's the ideal solution and tastes great.




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