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Marketing director careers

Why not be a marketing director in the fitness industry? This is a great position if you ever thought you might like to combine your flair for business or advertising with your love of athletics and leisure.

If you think you might want to be a marketing director in the fitness industry, you'll be responsible for creating a cohesive sales plan for a health and leisure organization based on studying and analyzing current consumer trends.

Through extensive planning and research, you and your team will work to develop a specific angle not only on how to encourage consumers to lead more active lifestyles, but also to subscribe to your particular organization over others. If this sounds exciting to you, you might be an ideal candidate to be a marketing director in the fitness industry. But how do you know if you have the right qualifications to be a marketing director in the fitness industry? Read on for some tips on what it takes and how to become qualified.

To fill this role, you'll need a combination of natural ability and attained qualifications. Some personality traits that will make you a good candidate for this position include: excellent communication skills, both spoken and written, good organizational skills, a penchant for mathematics and accounting, natural flair for team work, capacity to work under pressure, and to meet deadlines, and strong salesmanship. Knowledge or fluency in another language will also benefit you.

With regards to educational and vocational qualifications, you'll need to have a higher national certificate or diploma (HNC/HND) or a university degree in Business Studies, Accounting, Advertising, Management or similar.

If you've taken a degree that's not related, you may be able to take a training course with the Chartered Institute in the field (CIM) which will act as a recognized qualification. For details of training courses that will result in recognized qualifications, you can contact the CAM Education Foundation Limited, IDM (Institute of Direct) or CIM. The other thing to do is to start in a junior role and work your way up to the directorship level. On-the-job training will be of great value, particularly in the health and leisure sector, as this will give you an insight into the specifics of the consumer climate that you won't get from any book. Why not get started today!

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