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If you have decided to get involved in Fitness Sales for example, it is necessary to know what qualifications you will need. Being adequately prepared for a position means having the knowledge and skills that you will need in order to do your job and do it well.

So how does one get involved in Fitness Sales? What specialized training is needed in order to get involved in Fitness Sales? These are important questions to ask if you want to streamline your career and clear a pathway to success in your professional life. Read on to discover more about the certifications you need to obtain before you get involved in Fitness Sales.

Entering into this field is easier that one may think, however doing so does require some base educational training. It is recommended that each candidate have at least completed their GCSE (A-C)/S grades 1-3. Pursuing further degrees in related fields such as business and/or marketing may require additional credits including two A levels and three H grades.

Any queries related to required credits and their equivalencies should be directed to the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (for England, Northern Ireland and Wales) and the Scottish Qualifications Authority. Questions related to the acceptability and recognition of equivalent experience should be referred to the Accredited Prior Learning or APL.

Often when one enters this field, there is a period of job-shadowing or on-site training that occurs to familiarize the new employee with their new position. Apprenticeships are also often available for younger (under 24 years old) applicants.

Other degrees and certifications can also be obtained if you want to further enhance your qualifications. The ISMM offers a fair variety of training in this field as does the MAMSA. These training programs often culminate in the awarding of a certificate or diploma in this, or a related field. Similarly, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) also offers several courses that you can take in order to further your learning. Basic certifications include NVQ Levels 2 and 3 in this field and Level 4 in Management.

Salaries for this position begin at approximately ?11,000 to ?18,000 and can reach as high as ?40,000 for the most qualified and experienced individuals. If this position sounds interesting to you, now is the time to begin your training towards a position in the health and wellness industry.

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