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Thai Kick Boxing

High in popularity, Thai Kick Boxing is one of the best workouts around. It has also been termed the most brutal sport in existence and is largely practiced in the country of Thailand.

During the sport of Thai kick boxing, participants will attack each other with a combination of punches, kicks and jabs of the knee and elbows.

This sport is one with few rules and the basic premise is only the fittest survive. Because of this factor, it is not an activity for someone to participate in if they are easily intimidated. You definitely want to put in serious time training because you can be sure your opponent is not going to go easy on you when you are in a Thai kick boxing match.

There are usually five three minute rounds per match in this sport and fighters are allowed to strike any part of the body with the exception of the groin area.

In addition to working on your physical abilities for this sport, you should also stay mentally strong because you must always be thinking on your feet. It is quite common for a fighter to be knocked unconscious and death could even occur, so being prepared is essential.

To do most of their training, the participants will work on solid and very heavy pads, which are strapped to the arms of whomever is holding them. The person who is doing the workout will then attack the pad, similar to what they would do an opponent. The reason this method is better over that of just using a simple punching bag is that it moreso resembles an actual live opponent, as the person holding the pads is able to move around more.

So if you are thinking about taking some lessons or participating in this sport, make sure you are ready for what you might be facing. It is definitely an activity that is meant to be done by those who do not shy away from physical contact.




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