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Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Sometimes referred to as "The Deadly Art", Muay Thai Kick Boxing is the national sport of Thailand. Its origin can be traced back to the Muay Boran style of fighting that emphasized strength, movements, defense, proper posture and speed.

The basic offensive techniques that are used in Muay Thai Kick Boxing incorporate the use of the elbows, fists, shins, feet and knees to strike the opponent. When an individual is fighting against another fighter, they will usually emphasize the elbow and knee techniques to gain an advantage.

Most of the moves in Muay Thai Kick Boxing though do incorporate the entire body somehow, usually involving a rotation with the hip along with a kick, punch or block. This means that those practicing this particular style should really be sure to develop their core muscles, as they will play a predominant role in performing these hip rotations.

There are many variations on the leg movements that are used in this style as well. Which one is used will depend on the preference of the fighter.

As with most other contact sports, body conditioning plays a large role in training in order to prepare the competitors for the toughness they will experience in the ring during competition. Training regimes often include things such as running, shadowboxing, rope jumping, bodyweight resistance exercises, work with a medicine ball, abdominal exercises and in some cases, weight training.

Usually individuals will work with coaches using pads, focus mitts and heavy bags, going through the process of sparring. This includes many rounds of 3-5 minute periods that are broken up by a short rest in between.

Because of all the rigorous training that is seen in this sport, most fighters have relatively short lived careers, either ending because of injury or because of physical burnout.




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