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Kick Boxing Equipment

Before you start up into an intense class or training, purchasing some kick boxing equipment is a good idea.

As this is a very intense workout and has the potential to cause many different injuries, getting proper kick boxing equipment is crucial not only for your progress but as far as your safety is concerned as well.

The key kick boxing equipment components that you will likely need are gloves, shoes, potentially a punching bag (depending on if you wish to practice at home as well as in the gym), and then possibly also a mouth guard and face shield.

Choosing properly fitting gloves is one of the most important factors in buying equipment because if they don't fit right, you could wind up breaking your hand. You want the glove to fit quite snug but should not be so tight that it ends up limiting your range of motion and dexterity.

When choosing a heavy bag, keep in mind that there are a few different varieties you can buy. First you can choose one that is much smaller and solely made for punching. These will be ideal for someone who wants to work on their punching style at home and has limited room.

For those who are more involved with their training, buying a full size kicking bag will be the best choice as then you can get an entire body workout. These bags usually come as either standing bags or else hanging bags. Standing bags are usually filled with either water or sand. Water is the preferred choice here because of the wave-like motion it will provide you. The bags that are filled with sand will have a thicker feeling to them but will be heavier so if that's what you are looking for, that may be an advantage.

Hanging bags on the other hand will be suspended by hooks and chains and are very durable. They will give you a more fluid type of workout since they have some sway movement.

Make sure when you speak to the salesperson you inform them about what your current level is and what type of workouts you are planning to do. They then should be able to guide you to the best product choices to suite your needs.




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