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35m Sprint Speed Test


If you are ever required to generate bursts of energy, a 35m sprint speed test is a good assessment to perform.

This activity is a good one for anyone who is interested in testing their inate speed capacity.

What is the point?

The primary objective of a 35m sprint peed test is to assess your maximum running capability. As this is a very short distance you do not want to be pacing yourself at all but rather want to give a 'full-out' effort.

The point of the 35m Sprint Speed test is to help measure how fast your body can sprint given the chemicals your body creates whilst working hard.

What do you need?

  • A measuring tape or marked track that is at least 40 metres.
  • A stop watch
  • Some markers
  • An assistant

How do you do the test?

Before beginning the 35m sprint test you will want to do a thorough warm-up. As you will be jumping right into extremely vigorous exercise, it is important that the muscles are warm and limber.

  • Place the marker thirty-five metres from the starting line. When your assistant is ready to begin timing, get into a ready position and wait for them to give you a signal to go.
  • Run as fast as you possibly can to the end of the marking and have your time recorded.
  • Repeat this process for three more trials and then use the best time you achieved.
  • Note that you should be taking a good rest in between trials to let the body fully recover so you can go at max effort once again.

If your time isn't quite as good as you were hoping for, adding some intense interval training to your regular cardio routine would be the best way to improve upon your score. Re-assess yourself with this test every two to three months to see what kinds of improvements you are then making.

What results you'll get :

Compare your times with the general rating guidelines below:

Poor Fair Average Good Excellent
Male > 5.60 5.30 - 5.60 5.10 - 5.29 4.80 - 5.09 less than 4.80 seconds
Female > 6.20 5.90 - 6.20 5.60 - 5.89 5.10 - 5.59 4.80 - 5.09

What is being measured again?

These test measures your body's ability to move very quickly over short periods taking into account the creation of chemicals like adrenaline and lactic acid.




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