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Osteoporosis Treatment

The variety of osteoporosis treatment methods that are available today range from prevention techniques, to dietary changes, to medications.

First, the preventative osteoporosis treatment involves ensuring that you get plenty of calcium in your diet so your blood calcium levels do not fall too low, meaning that your body would start to deplete bone calcium in an effort to meet its needs.

You should also ensure you are not short on vitamin D either because it plays an important role in calcium absorption. This can easily be met however by having a few classes of milk a day (to contribute to both your calcium and vitamin D needs) as well as spending short amounts of time in the sun.

The next important factor for your osteoporosis treatment is that you will want to ensure that you are participating in a variety of weight bearing exercises on a daily basis. These will really help to strengthen and promote healthy bones in the body. Weight training is an excellent example of this as is running or jogging. For those who already have weak bones, they may wish to choose something of lesser impact than running such as walking. Everyone however should perform weight training, as it is a terrific bone strengthening exercise (even for those who are already suffering).

One drug that some women take, particularly if they are over the age of 55 is Raloxifene. Its aim is to reduce the amount of spinal fractures however, take note that it will not help to prevent hip fractures. While it definitely can be good to help with the treatment or prevention of this condition it should never be used as a band-aide approach, hoping that it will cure all effects of the disease or prevent you from experiencing it.

Lastly, hormone replacement therapy or estrogen replacement therapy is another option that is sometimes given. It is much more helpful in the prevention of problems of the hip, however you need to be aware that it can also increase the chances of a woman's risk for other conditions such as breast cancer, heart attack, stroke, blood clots or Alzheimer's disease.

Everything considered, your best bet is to start early and work on preventative measures with your diet and fitness program. Both of those lifestyle choices can significantly improve your outlook for not having to ever deal with this disease.




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