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Shoulder & Wrist Flexibility Test


As part of an upper body range of motion assessment, a good shoulder and wrist flexibility test will determine how resistant to injury you are.

These muscles are used very frequently and therefore more suseptible to injury. Tests can prevent this.

What is the point?

Since lacking a wide range of motion in both of these joints would strongly correlate with muscle strains, tears and joint issues, performing a regular stretching routine to improve this would be very beneficial. In order to determine where you currently stand, complete a shoulder and wrist flexibility test on a regular basis.

The objective of the Shoulder & Wrist Flexibility test is to evaluate the range of motion in these areas in order to prevent painful stiffness and reduce the chance of injury.

What do you need?

  • A partner
  • Two yardsticks
  • A flat surface

How do you do the test?

  • To start the assessment, have a partner measure the length of your arm while it is hanging down from the top of the shoulder (measure from the shoulder to the middle of the finger tip).
  • For the next portion of the shoulder and wrist flexibility test, lie face down on the floor with your arms fully extended over your head.
  • Grasp a yardstick with your hands approximately two feet apart. A partner should then place a second yardstick, this one perpendicular to the first, to use as a measurement guide.
  • While keeping your chin resting on the floor, raise the yardstick you are holding up as high as you can while the person taking the measurement records the distance on the perpendicular yardstick.
  • Perform this action three times and then take your best result.

What results you'll get :

The ratings are as follows (measured in inches off the ground):

Poor Fair Average Good Excellent
Male 6.00 or less 6.25-8.25 8.50-11.50 11.75-12.50 12.75 or more
Female 5.75-7.50 7.75 to 10.75 11.00 to 11.75 12.00 or more

If after doing the test it is not quite as high as you would have liked, relax and simply put for some effort in a good stretching program. This is something that you can usually improve upon quite a bit so long as you are doing it on a consistent basis.

What is being measured again?

These test measures the flexibility and range of motion of the shoulder and wrists.




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