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Osteoporosis Symptoms

This disease tends to builds gradually so it is important to monitor any osteoporosis symptoms that may be developing in your body.

At the very beginning of this condition, you likely will not notice that there is an osteoporosis symptom even occurring. You can go for decades with the start of this disease and never even know it because often the more noticeable osteoporosis symptom of a bone fracture will occur when it is already too late.

If you are lucky, you may see a couple signs early on in which case you know you need to take action right away to protect your bones. The first sign that may develop is a sore back. Since this is where the disease often strikes, you may notice stiffness or a general sense of pain when you walk or twist your body. If you have a stooped posture or notice a loss of height starting to develop, this again is a good sign that you could be at risk.

Other areas of the body that may start to cause problems are the hips and wrists. The wrists in particular are often seen to be problematic for those who are in occupations where you have to do a significant amount of typing or computer work.

One really good way to find out if you are at risk for developing the disorder is to have a bone density test done. This will measure the current state of your bone tissue and see how depleted it already is. If they are getting thin and brittle then your risk of a fracture is going to be significantly higher.

Another sign is if you are a female and have stopped menstruating. This occurs in quite a number of women who are either very active or who pursue a low calorie diet. If you notice that you skip one or two periods in a row, it is best to see your doctor right away so they can help remedy the problem (it will often mean going on a birth control pill).

So be sure not to overlook any of the small signs that you could be suffering from this condition. As stated, often most individuals do not even realize they are at a risk until it is too late.




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