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Osteoporosis Prevention

When it comes to managing this disease, osteoporosis prevention is the best choice. If you can get on a good osteoporosis prevention program you will see a number of benefits not only with regards to your bone health but also your overall well-being.

First, start young with your osteoporosis prevention plan. When you are young your bones are in the solidification process so the more foundation you can lay down in your teen years the better off you will be later in life. This is one big reason why it is important to get your dietary calcium in as a young person. Unfortunately with the prevalence of soda's in today's world, they are often more preferred over calcium-rich dairy products.

Along with calcium rich foods, try and aim to get at least 200 IU's of vitamin D per day (400 IU's for adults over 50). This is very essential to help maximize calcium absorption and improve muscular strength.

Be sure to also increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables as well. These will provide the body with lots of potassium, which is critical for muscle contraction. As physical activity is another important factor in decreasing your risk for this disease, making your body as efficient at exercise as possible is a good idea to make it more enjoyable.

Try and work on also cutting back on your alcohol intake as well as it can put you at a higher risk for fractures. In addition to that, it will also likely serve to replace some of the more nutritious foods in your diet (since you only have so many calories you can take in) which could have gone to help you prevent the condition (drinking milk versus beer for example).

Finally, if you currently smoke try and quit. Not only does it increase your risk factor for many different cancers, it can also place your bones at risk as well. If you currently have the disease and are smoking, this smoking is going to speed up the rate of bone thinning which is another thing that you will definitely want to avoid at all costs.

So make sure you have a look at your current plan to stop this condition before it starts. The more measures you can take to improving your outlook in fighting this disease the better off you will be. Most of them are really not hard to implement as long as you put in a little time, effort and planning.




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